About Me

My name is Eric Snyder and for 5-plus years I was a consultant with Chariot Solutions before I decided to venture into the world of a VC funded startup here in the Philadelphia area. That was a great experience but now I'm back with Chariot Solutions and I'll be blogging here at Code Highway To Somewhere.

Unnatural Love of Evernote

Anyone who knows me is aware that I have an unnatural love for Evernote, it borders on the creepy. There are many reasons for this that include the great client apps, (usually) pain free syncing of notes, great search capability, excellent browser plugins and maybe the most impressive feature called related notes where Evernote works some AI magic to return notes with similar content. As I type this in the Mac Evernote client I'm seeing a changing list of 3 related notes that change because the content of this post is changing. That's impressive.


postach.io is a blogging platform built on Evernote. I created this site on pistachio by supplying just a few pieces of information. I create notes in Evernote using any Evernote client and then sync them as usual. If I tag a note as "published" it becomes a new post on the blog. It's that simple and, since my blog posts are just Evernote notes, all of my blog content is searchable via the excellent search feature, I can view notes related to my blog posts, etc..

So far so good. If I run into any difficulties with pistach.io I'll be sure to post them here.